Tuesday, 25 October 2011

An autumnal day of weddings....

This weekend was a mixture of creams, soft pinks and blues. Three weddings was a bit of a rush after a quieter October, back to the swing of rushing around like headless chickens! 
The weather was gorgeous too, for an English October day, bright blue sky with a fresh nip to the air, bet there was thermals under those white dresses!!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A monthly affair

I must apologize that my blogging seems to have become somewhat of a monthly affair. I started so keen posting almost daily, and now with the trials and tribulations of the day to day florist shop my daily online diary seems to have been put to the back of my mind. Particularly I must add with these winter evenings drawing in. I seem to have become somewhat of a hermit cuddled in my cardigan and thick woolly socks in front of Doc Martin with a warm pudding and its only October! I am dreading the Christmas meal at this rate, my winter spread is already appearing...
So I am simply confirming that we've not closed down or disappeared on a foreign exotic adventure, we've simply been busy. The efforts of this busyness are displayed below...

Weddings, events and just lovely bouquets, we have been busy bees! 
Winter pansies have started along with lovely autumnal shades of rich reds and oranges, it makes me feel not so bad about wearing my aran cardi and joules thick socks now the autumn is properly here and the leaves are falling off the trees! 

Enough of my rabbiting! You are up to date on Watts happenings. Back soon with the next update!