Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Deja vu?

We know that this time last week you saw a very similar picture
but aren't they just fabulous?

Stocks are local too this week, in gorgeous fabulous bright colours 
and we've got the gorgeous sweet william again, 
and fabulous scented sweet peas as well as beautiful Cornish pinks
And, just because they are absolutely wonderfully amazing...Dutch peonies.

We know they're not local, and that they've travelled a little way, but look at them!
You can scoop them up in the palm of your hand, stick your nose in and breath deep and you can just smell summer. 

We're going to make a new page on our website, for you to simply buy local flowers and send them to your lovely friends for Birthdays or Anniversaries or just because you can!

Blue for a boy...

Lilac stock, white phlox, snapdragons, peony, and gorgeous new Dolcetto roses.
This is only the second time we have had these beautiful roses in the shop, they are a new rose this season.
Today we have chosen to send them for the birth of a new baby boy.
Shades of blues and lilacs and creams, a perfect gift for this new little bundle of joy

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Mugs a plenty!

It really perks you up when last thing on a Friday a lovely new huge box of Cath Kidston mugs arrives!
We've ordered some new ones, 
but even the ones we've had before are blooming lovely!
There are spots, stripes, flowers,cars, they're all gorgeous!

And so we've put them on our website, for people to choose, 
and we fill them with flowers for a lovely gift and deliver them with a smile

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

All the sweet things.....

Sweet Peas and Sweet William
Don't you just love them?
Summer is nearly properly here. 
We turn into over enthusiastic children in a sweet shop every Wednesday at around this time, 
And it will continue now, about every hour, or just every time we have a sniff, until they have all sold
Fabulous. You just can't beat em.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Gorgeous gardens....

Our lovely bedding plants have arrived
Pretty Marguerite daisies
Trailing lobelia, Osteospurnum and lovely fresh herbs
Come and have a peek 
or order a special box to send to a gardening friend....

Saturday, 7 May 2011

A nice simple wedding....

Today just a bouquet
No frills. No fuss.

We love the wedding season
Every bride is so different
Some are here for hours discussing, we have tea and long chats
Some know exactly what they want and bring pictures to prove the fact
We enjoy every one
We get excited for them. Hope the weather is fine for them.
And wish them every happiness in there future....

Thursday, 5 May 2011

An early summer wedding (in the British summer..!)

The sun shines for weeks on end ... then you get a gorgeous wedding and it rains!
The great British summer ay!
Green hydrangea and fat juicy roses makes it all better doesn't it...
Maybe the sun will reappear before tomorrow...maybe